Why did we choose to have our presale on launchpads?

  1. Launchpads have pre-established userbases that they can advertise to. This will bring in more investors.

  2. Presales on the chosen platforms are held on Binance Smart Chain, meaning gas costs are a lot lower and the sale becomes more accessible.

  3. Dedicated allocations mean less competition for different amounts of tokens, everyone knows their minimum allocation beforehand and distribution is fair.

What can I buy with?

You can buy presale tokens with $BUSD or $BNB and sufficient additional $BNB to pay for gas.

What wallets can I connect with?

You can connect with a Metamask wallet. For additional wallets, please check the launchpad's respective website.

What happens after the presale?

See Timeline of Events for an overview.

None of the presale tokens are available for trading until 24 hours after launch, then 20% are released daily over the course of the following 5 days.

Who is eligible to participate in the presales?

Every launchpad has different requirements. For more information see our page dedicated to the different launchpads holding our presales.

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