🔢Starting Price, Supply & Vesting


Softcap: 230 BNB + $25,000 BUSD Hardcap: 550 BNB + $50,000 BUSD

Pancakeswap Liquidity Pool: ~40% of the public sale ~$150,000 ($75k BNB+ $75k $GO) Locked for 3 months to start, then renewed.

Note: The locking period was chosen in case the team needs to make any unforeseen updates to the $GO contract before $NORI launches. Our dApps and staking contracts are under active development and we may need to deploy $GO V2 at a later time.

Initial Supply: 1,000,000,000 (one billion)

Initial Market Cap: Determined at the end of the presales.

Token Price

Public Sale: $0.00042 Private Sale: $0.00035

Distribution (Approximate)

Public Sale: 49% Private Sale: 17% (~$55,000) Advisors & Partners: 8% Team: 3% Treasury: 3% Liquidity: 20%


All private/presale tokens are locked for 24 hours after DEX launch. Then 5 day flat vesting, unlocking 20% of the tokens per day.

Note: The vesting schedule is executed by the smart contract. Everyone will receive their tokens from the launchpads immediately after the sales are over, but they will not be able to transfer, list, nor trade those tokens before the token launch on the DEX then according to the vesting period.

Token Tax

First 5 minutes: 6% First 24 hours: 2% All tax during the first 24 hours of trading goes toward the LP. Standard: 1%

For more information please see this blog post!


Presale Hardcap: $500,000 BUSD Pancakeswap Liquidity Pool: $200,000 in BNB + $200,000 in $NORI Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 (one hundred billion) Preseed Market Cap: $1.3 million Private Sale Market Cap: $2.0 million

Public Market Cap: $2.5 million Token Price: $0.000025

DEX Launch Cap: $2.5 million Token Price: $0.000025

Vesting Schedule

20% of the presale tokens are released after 24 hours.

Then, 8.88% will be released per day evenly for the next 9 days.

More on $NORI's vesting can be found in the newest version of our white paper. It is available in multiple languages.

Token Tax

At launch, token taxes will be 9% for the first 10 minutes. ALL token taxes for the first 24 hours will go toward the liquidity pool. More info on how the taxes develop afterwards can be found in the newest version of our white paper.

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