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Presale Overview

🛑 $GO will be listed March 2nd 17:00 UTC. 🛑
Presale links are broadcast across all of our social media in particular our Twitter, Discord and Telegram platforms. Some of the used launchpads that will be hosting our presale might be mostly open and permissionless, meaning anyone can create a presale with our name and logo, so always check the details. These are the links to the now concluded presales:
Novation (CONCLUDED)
Pinksale (CONCLUDED)
The only correct token contract for $GO is 0x7aE1Cbec5c315B31948DD2A5A7C2a6A6040D3d5b. Please do not buy any other tokens!
The confirmed launchpads and more details can be found here.
All the presale information is ordered in the links below:
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